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November 12 2018 0Comment
siding in or near Honolulu, HI

Why It May Be Time For New Siding

To whatever extent you are seriously taking up the possibility of new siding, know that you are not alone. Many make the investment every day, and for good reason. New siding can make it seem as though you have an entirely new home, both visually and practically. If you are in the market for new siding in or […]

November 05 2018 0Comment
siding in or near Pearl City, HI

Is Brick Siding a Good Fit For My Home?

Brick is an attractive siding option and for good reason. It isn’t going anywhere. But does that mean it is the right thing for you, your family and your home? If you are interested in siding in or near Pearl City, HI, rest assured that you can find a range of siding options and local professionals who can […]

October 22 2018 0Comment
siding options in or near Mililani, HI

Is Wood Siding Still a Good Option For My Home?

Wood has been around forever and long remained a primary option for siding. That is no coincidence. It gets the job done, protects homes from the elements, and tends to look pretty good in the process. But perhaps you are wondering if wood is still right for you. If you are looking into siding options in […]

October 15 2018 0Comment
siding in Kapolei, HI

Benefits of Using Vinyl Siding on Your Home

In a world often characterized by bricks and metal and certain kinds stone, you may be surprised to learn that vinyl siding is the most common kind of siding in the United States. That vinyl siding that can look kind of plastic sometimes, you say? Yes, that vinyl siding. If you are looking to learn […]

October 08 2018 0Comment
siding in the Kailua, HI, area

A Few Options For Your Home’s New Siding

So you have finally decided to do it. New siding has been calling to you, and now you are in the market for an update to your home’s existing exterior—or at least your almost there. If you are thinking about new siding in the Kailua, HI, area, rest assured that there are local professionals who can walk you […]

October 01 2018 0Comment
Hawaii siding

Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

You might not be looking for reasons to replace your siding. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to do so. Yes, it can be a significant investment. And yes, it can be a bit of a distraction. At some point, however, there are things we must do for our homes. Sometimes, replacing the siding […]

Fall Energy Efficiency Tips & Durability Checklist

Welcome autumn. And welcome to our next installment of our series on Greening Your Home. Now is the time to begin taking inventory of things that need to be addressed around the home before winter sets in. Our durability checklist will help you make some steps to ensure that your home is ready for extra energy […]

Vapo Retarders

Condensation from water vapor diffusion can cause a great deal of damage when trapped inside the wall assembly. Extended moisture exposure can cause wood-based building components to decay and steel structural members to corrode, and wet insulation loses R-Value, making the building less energy efficient. Certain building materials, such as wood and paper, can also […]