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Is Wood Siding Still a Good Option For My Home?

Wood has been around forever and long remained a primary option for siding. That is no coincidence. It gets the job done, protects homes from the elements, and tends to look pretty good in the process. But perhaps you are wondering if wood is still right for you. If you are looking into siding options in or near Mililani, HI, you can count on local professionals capable of walking you through those options and discussing the merits of wood. You may be surprised to learn that it is still very viable and ranks as one of the most common siding options available. So what accounts for the popularity of wood, and does it remain the best option for you?  

First of all, not all wood options are equal. It does come from different types of trees, after all, and those trees create different looks. The difference between pine and fir is noticeable, and that may impact your bottom line, particularly if you are primarily concerned about the aesthetic of your siding (and who doesn’t care about this kind of thing to at least some extent?).   

Wood tends to be very easy to install and assure a look that is very classic and traditional. Many prefer that to the more common vinyl alternative per the every extent to which that alternative sometimes looks a bit plastic and artificial. Wood siding is anything but artificial. It may even be the most environmentally friendly option on the market. It looks natural and authentic, a huge advantage for a great many homeowners pursuing such a dynamic. Whether wood siding remains the right option for you may depend in large part on the kind of look and feel you’re hoping to achieve. It may depend in part upon your home, as well. If you’re home is colonial or craftsman in style, wood siding may be an important part of that home’s aesthetic integrity. The fact that wood can be stained and painted in a variety of ways also makes it particularly attractive for those concerned about keeping up the right appearances.  

Here is another benefit. Wood siding happens to be very energy efficient. That is the kind of thing that can impact your financial thinking on a monthly basis. Keeping those energy bills down can be challenging. Wood siding can actually help.   

That said, there are some drawbacks to wood siding—the kind of drawbacks that have made vinyl siding and fiber cement siding increasingly popular. Wood must be maintained, and somewhat consistently at that. It may need to be stained every few years and repainted, as well. That can become costly and annoying to those who would rather their siding take care of itself. It is also susceptible to insect damage, and no one wants to deal with that. Still, wood remains a very viable option for a great many—perhaps you, too.  

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