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Is Brick Siding a Good Fit For My Home?

Brick is an attractive siding option and for good reason. It isn’t going anywhere. But does that mean it is the right thing for you, your family and your home? If you are interested in siding in or near Pearl City, HI, rest assured that you can find a range of siding options and local professionals who can walk you through those options. You may not think of brick siding when you think of Hawaii, but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely unheard of. The big question is whether or not it is the right fit.  

To be sure, brick siding certainly does last forever, potentially more than 100 years. During that time, it requires very little maintenance and pretty much keeps to itself. If you are trying to win a marathon, brick siding makes a lot of sense. This stuff was built to last. It battles the elements formidably and does not give an inch. It is of course fire resistant. And it need not be repainted every so often. Wood siding might even seem needy by comparison. From a practical standpoint, brick siding may be your best friend. But that does not mean that brick is necessarily the perfect option. And it certainly does not mean that brick is the perfect option for everyone. Those are very different questions, and much depends upon the look you are attempting to achieve with your outdoor siding.   

Does brick look bad? That is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Some detest the look of brick. Some find comfort in it. That is ultimately a decision for you and your family. One thing is certain, however. Brick often evokes strong opinions when it comes to aesthetic preference. Be prepared for that conversation.   

Brick can certainly look like the right fit on more traditional or colonial homes. Otherwise, it may seem a bit out of place. Unless your home fits the right mold, brick may not make a lot of sense. It is also fairly unusual for someone to replace non-brick siding with brick. If it was meant to be there, it will likely have been there from the outset. Note that many homes aren’t entirely brick. There may be sections in brick while other kinds of siding are employed elsewhere. Again, much depends on pursuit of the right look (or, in this instance, balance).   

There are a couple of things about brick that are worth pointing out. After it has been painted, it is very difficult to get back to its original look. If you are looking to enjoy some versatility and color, playing around with brick can be something of a risky venture. Brick is also very expensive. That makes it a very serious investment.  

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