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Has Bad Weather Put Your Siding In Jeopardy?

Bad weather can become a serious problem for your siding. Whether it is a matter of hail, high winds or otherwise extreme weather conditions, siding can take a beating. When that happens, it may be in your best interest to have that siding replaced. There is no reason to put your home in further danger, risking structural problems that may emerge over time. If you or someone you know is looking for new siding in or near Mililani, HI, note that there are a number of options that may properly address your home’s needs. You may wish to speak with a siding expert in order to determine what is right for your home and whether or not weather damage is bad enough to warrant new siding. Experts can answer your questions and walk you through the siding process so that you do not feel overwhelmed by any ongoing unknowns.  

Siding shouldn’t become a headache. Unfortunately, the worst weather can make it an important priority. As Smart Siding puts it, “Storms are no picnic, and even the most well-protected house can sometimes come out the other side of them worse for the wear. Hail may punch holes in vinyl siding or dent aluminum, and destructive winds can cause siding to crack, chip, warp, or even break.”  

Even particularly bad rains can become problematic, especially for wood siding. As Mike’s Roofing Inc. points out, “Wood siding is susceptible to water damage from excessive rain and flooding. If the siding doesn’t have sufficient time to dry out, it can get moldy or start to rot, which can cause big problems for the home.”  

No one looks forward to addressing damaged siding. It may be somewhat costly to replace your siding, and that may initially seem like an unwanted investment. But remember that functional siding is absolutely vital to protecting your home from the elements, assuring structural features remain healthy, creating a comfortable interior for you and your family and ultimately promoting your home’s energy efficiency, as well. Put simply, there is no substitute for strong, new siding in the event that older siding has been compromised by storm damage. Installing that new siding may be well worth the cost.  

Damaged siding can lead to unwanted problems that ultimately become more expensive, particularly things like dry rot or mold. Should you face those kinds of issues down the road, your costs are likely to increase somewhat dramatically. What is worse, some of those issues may be difficult to detect right away, assuring they grow worse before you have a chance to fix them. Siding is your first line of defense and an important one at that. If bad weather strikes, don’t be afraid to get in touch with a siding expert so that you can better ascertain what your home needs.  

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